Tim can be contacted by E-mail @ timgoss@windstream.net

Tim also has a Facebook business page @  Tim Goss' Rural Texas Art

​Also through Cedar Country Antiques and More in Meridian, TX

Cedar Country Antiques and More

506 W. Morgan

Meridian, TX 76665


​If you have an interesting photo or idea for a personal commissioned piece, don't hesitate to send me an email and attach the photo.  Give me an idea of what you envisioned and the rough size and I'll give you a quote for drawing the piece.  I usually get 50% on commissioning the piece and 50% upon completion.  I will send you photos of the piece in each stage of drawing and then ship you the artwork with instructions on how to handle and care for it for years of enjoyment.  If you are close to my studio I can hand deliver the piece as well.

​The possibilities are endless.  I have immortalized babies, memorialized horses, and placed folks in historical settings.  I have done a ladies' childhood, Victorian home and drawn a man's grandfather so it appears he is on a cattle drive on the Chisolm Trail.