"The Mule Skinner"

​16"x 22"     $1600  USD

​I have no knowledge of the man's name or occupation.  He just looked like a mule skinner to me. The reference photo came from the Library of Congress archives from a collection of Native American photos taken in the 1890's.

​"Abandonment Issues"

​12"x 16"   $900  USD

​​I found this photo of an abandoned farm house in the Texas Panhandle.  It dates back to the 1930's Dust Bowl that decimated vast areas of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  This piece will be on display at the Fort Concho National Historic Site for the 33rd American Plains Artists Show and Sale Summer 2018.

"Entertaining a Visitor"

12"x 16"    $900   USD

​This piece is from my own photography taken here in Bosque (BOS-key) County.

​"Crowded In the Chute"

​15"x 21"      $1500  USD

​The inspiration for this piece came from viewing a large amount of photos from the 1930's - 1950's.  I feel this is an under represented era in Western Art.

​"First Day of Spring"

​​12"x 13.5"   $600  USD

​This piece started as a sunny day with a light dusting of snow.  But I decided to experiment with some redaction technique to lift off the graphite with an eraser.  Next thing I knew it had turned into a blizzard.

"The Sentinel"

8"x 10"   $250  USD

​This little fellow was perched on a cedar post gateway over a road onto a local ranch.  He was intently watching all the comings and goings and didn't mind getting his picture taken.

"Morning Prayer"

15"x 21"   $1600  USD

​​This piece was originally going to be titled "Can't Roll a Cigarette in the Wind".  But it wasn't really right.  So I settled on another purpose for bowing your head...



9"X 12"   $250

This piece was drawn for the Bosque Museum Annual Texas Wildflower show.  I tried a much looser technique with a paper that significant texture to it.  The result was a rougher, grittier look.