"Close Friend"

16"x 22"   $1400   USD

​I have a special place in my heart for this work.  It was the first piece I got critical acclaim for.  It has won awards in three different shows for me.  I took a series of photos and was getting ready to leave when this Paint horse decided to invade my personal space.

"What My Eyes Have Seen"

​17"x 23"  $2000   USD

​The eyes are the most expressive feature.  This man speaks volumes with his stoic gaze.  The reference photo for this piece was taken in the 1890's.

"Waiting for a Ride"

12"X 16"   $850   USD

A sole cowboy alone with his thoughts before his big moment.  He can hear the roar of the crowd and wonders if they will be cheering him in a few minutes.  It is a solitary experience only those who have done it can explain.

"Burning Horns"

12"x 16"   $1000   USD

​This piece documents a practice of removing a young steers horns and burning the stump with a hot brand.  It was accepted to the 2018 Bosque Art Classic.

​​       SOLD


13"x 19"   $1000   USD

​I did this from the same set of photos I used for "First Day of Spring".  Yes, this Bison is here in Bosque County and yes it does snow once-in-a-while in Central Texas.  LOL.

"Three of a Kind"

12"x 16"   $500   USD 

Sometimes a piece will beg you to draw it.  It might not be the most dramatic or stunning, but it HAS to be drawn.  This piece is one of those for me.

"Ripple Effect"

16"x 20"   $1200   USD

​I absolutely love this piece.  I was photographing along the Brazos River and got some outstanding photos of this egret.  He has reversed his course in the water, giving the ripples on the left a lattice work effect.  The ripples in sunlight showed up dark and the ones in shadow showed up White.  The contrast of half in sunlight and half shadow is interesting also.


​9"x 12"   $250   USD

​Birds are notorious for being skittish.  All but this young lady.  She was content to pose for a series of photos.

​"​Grounded: II"

9"x 12"   $300   USD

​This is one in a series of works smaller than I usually draw.  I do a lot of pieces from 11"x 14" up to 18"x 24".  But I decided to try some simpler pieces on a different scale.  Getting out of my "comfort" zone was, in the end, very rewarding.