"Windmill and Sky"

16"x 22"   $1600   USD

This is a redux of my first award winning piece in my first art show.  I love the viewpoint of this piece and decided a new and improved model was called for.

​Gallery 3

"Tucked Away"

11'x 15"   $550   USD

Texas wildflowers will grow anywhere they have a notion.  This one came up in a less than hospitable location.  It's from a photograph I took near Clifton, TX.

"Portal Through Time"

11.5" x 15"   $650    USD

This is a cabin in the Frontier Village in Ft. Worth, TX.  The floor has been walked on, crawled on, laid on, so much it has a burnished, reflective look to it.  The stories it could tell....


12"x 16.5"   $900   USD

I have always been drawn to unusual patterns in nature.  The reflections in this piece give the water a mercurial look and feel.


15.5"x 22"   $1300   USD

This is another piece documenting the slow disappearance of barns and houses in rural Texas.  The barn in this picture is now completely gone.  This may be the only evidence it ever existed.